Felipe Mendonça

climate/social focused, tech enthusiast, constant questioning

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Code wizard and former psychologist, passionate about using cool tech & strange ideas to imagine a better world. With a broad range of interests from ancestry, AI and the fungi universe, you might find me hiking, shooting hoops, exploring new technologies and hanging out with friends.
Stuff I've done
Tinkering with AI & Extended Reality.Participated in innovation conferences & future of work.
Participated in climate forums and advanced Climate Tech initiatives.Transitioned to web3 development with a remote team.Contributed to tech and blockchain events & won a hackathon.
Visited the Amazon Rainforest for the 1st time.Delved into rabbit holes of blockchain & web3.
Corporate experience within a modern data stack.moved to the Netherlands for new opportunities.Became a cloud data engineer.
Developed proficiency in Python, AWS, Docker, and Terraform.
Initiated my tech journey in web development.
Started coding spreadsheets, JS and automation tools for a hobby.Graduated in Clinical Psychology, working for ~5 years in the field.